John Donaldson- Thomas Donaldson connection

I bought the book “South Carolina Memorials: Abstracts of Land Titles. Volume 1. 1774-1776” I found a memorial for James Doharty, in 15 September 1774 on the waters of Bush River and Duncan’s Creek. His land was bounded by John Donaldson and Michael Dickson.On 14 February 1775, there was a memorial for Henry Britton on the waters of Bush’s River and Duncan’s Creek. His land was bound by Thomas Donaldson and Michael Dickson.

I am certain John Donaldson and Thomas Donaldson are related but I don’t know what the relationship is. They could be father-son or brothers. The common factor in both memorials is the neighbor Michael Dickson.

Michael Dickson (1731-1825) immigrated from Down County, Ireland,  with his father John Dickson to Pennsylvania. In 1744, father bought land in New Hanover Co, NC and Michael stayed there until he reached adulthood. I was always told that Thomas Donaldson was from New Hanover County, NC, but I haven’t found actual proof yet. Michael Dickson and his wife, Sarah moved to Pendleton District about the same time Thomas Donaldson moved Abbeville. Micheal died in 1825 in Pendleton, present day Anderson County. (Michael Dickson information from article written by Reavis Dixon).


Many people who traveled down the Great Wagon Road from Pennsylvania, through Mecklenburg Co, NC; Chester Co, SC ended up in Laurens Co, Abbeville Co and Pendleton County (present day Anderson)  in the 1790’s. Families traveled together because there was safety in numbers if they encountered hardships or random Indian attacks.

I need to do more research on John Donaldson and see how I can tie him to Thomas Donaldson. He may be the break through the brickwall I am looking for!


Thornton’s Daddy….

I finally found proof of Thornton Davis’s father after 2 years of searching! His name was John Davis Sr. His estate was administered in Abbeville in 1826. I found his estate papers on by accident. The estate papers mention William, Melinda, John, and Thornton. William Davis was administrator so he was probably the eldest son. The estate sale was held at Pleasant Grove Meeting House.

Many people listed in the estate papers of John Davis are the same people listed in the estate papers of Thomas Donaldson in 1811. There was probably a mutual connection between John and Thomas. Thornton Davis married the daughter of Thomas, Sally Cook Donaldson, in 1816.

Another thing I found interesting is that John Davis had a daughter Melinda. There is also James Cook listed several times in the estate papers. There is a Lindy Cook mentioned in Cornelius Cook Jr’s estate paper of 1838 along with his brother James Cook. I wonder if Lindy was in fact Melinda Davis.

*The estate record is in Box 27, Pack 612

Who is Arthur Donaldson?

According to land records from the SC Archives….Arthur Donaldson petitioned for a land grant in Granville County (present day Abbeville) in South Carolina on 6 February 1759. Two hundreds acres were granted on 4 March 1760. Arthur had 2 dependents at this time. Arthur resold this land on 18 January 1763 t0 Robert Reah. Reah then sold the same property to John Morris on 8 January 1767. Conveyed to Matthew Thompson.

Arthur Donaldson died in Mecklenburg Co, NC in 1776. He left behind a wife Hannah and 3 children: Arthur Jr., Ruth and Hannah. He served in the Anson County NC Militia in 1750’s. Mecklenburg County was carved out of Anson County. Mecklenburg County was on the Great Wagon Road that came down from Pennsylvania.

All the men who lived on the land originally owned by Arthur Donaldson were residents of Mecklenburg County at one time. This makes me believe that some Scot Irish families migrated from Mecklenburg County to the South Carolina back country as land became available to them.

I am trying find the relationship, if there is any, between Thomas Donaldson and Arthur Donaldson.