The Donaldson Bible part 2

On Sunday, I went to the Lexington County Museum in Lexington, SC. The museum has the Bible that belonged to Thomas Donaldson. I saw the Bible on the table and was in awe. I picked it up and thought to myself “Thomas held this Bible in his hands 200 years ago.” The Bible was given to the museum by a descendent of Polly Donaldson Miller and Benjamin S. Miller.

It is very worn and the pages are very brittle. I tried to be careful. There were family lineages on the back of the New Testament title page and the Psalters title page. There was also writing within the pages of the Bible itself. Nimrod Donaldson’s birthday was written on 3-4 different pages. There were drawings of animals on a page that had the names Nimrod Donaldson and Benjamin S Miller on the top. There were a few names and birthdays I didn’t recognize.

I did find a note that says ” before the 26 day of May by order ? from Henry Ganes.” There was a Reverend Henry Gaines who was associated with Thomas Donaldson in Abbeville. He was a Methodist minister in Virginia before coming to Abbeville in 1790. He later joined Turkey Creek Baptist Church in Abbeville.

Overall the Bible was very interesting and it helped me feel more connected to Thomas Donaldson and his family.

What I am working on in April…

1)John Donaldson and Thomas Donaldson on Duncan’s Creek in Craven Co in 1774-1775. Both have the same neighbor, Micheal Dickson.

2) Alex Harper and wife Sarah in Abbeville Co. He was a member of Turkey Creek Baptist Church in the 1790’s. His father or grandfather, William, immigrated to South Carolina in 1767. William was a member of Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church in present day Lancaster and is buried there. William Donaldson (born 1785) had a son named Silas Harper Donaldson. My guess is that Thomas Donaldson’s (born circa 1750) first wife may have been a Harper and not a Janet Reeves, but I need to prove it with documentation.  So far I haven’t been able to find any documentation connecting Thomas Donaldson to Janet Reeves.  I need to explore all possibilities.