Back to Maryland…..

In doing research this week, I came across a Joseph Donaldson in Maryland- actual location unknown. I found a Chancery  Record on posted by kpkingston1 from 1769/05/31.” Samuel Peale, Isaac Elton Jr, James Hill, William Stevenson and William James vs Joseph Donaldson, Robert Alexander, John Moore, Cassandra Moore, John Posey and Elizabeth Posey. AA, BA, CV, KE. Estate of Robert Adair- lots in BC, Cole Addition, Marys Delight, Arabia Petra in BA. Also Majors Choice in AA and CV, Comegys Farm in KE.”

I am pretty sure this is a squabble over money or land, as were most squabbles in the 1700’s regarding estate record’s.  Cassandra Moore and Elizabeth Posey were siblings to the deceased according to what information I can find on them. I don’t know the relation of Joseph Donaldson and Robert Alexander to  the deceased. What I find interesting is that relatives of the Posey and Adair families ended up in Laurens and Abbeville County in South Carolina between 1770-1790.

I have a Charles Posey and a Robert V Posey listed on Thomas Donaldson’s estate record in 1811. There are also Adairs in the Duncan’s Creek area of Laurens County with Thomas Donaldson in the 1770’s. This leads me to believe that Joseph Donaldson was a relative to my Thomas Donaldson. I need to do more research on this new Maryland connection that I have discovered.

Author: samanthanifong

I have been a avid history buff since age 10. I graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in US History. I have been researching my family for 12 years. I specialize in South Carolina history and research. I do freelance genealogy work centered around South Carolina between 1750- 1880. If you have ancestors in South Carolina between 1750-1880 that you would like me to locate, please contact me. Disclaimer.....My research is based on actual evidence which I may or may not post. Any photographs or documentation that I use is my intellectual property unless otherwise noted and may not be used or borrowed without my expressed written consent.

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