Known marriages of Donaldson children…

Nancy Agness Donaldson married George Curell Spruill circa 1794 in Abbeville.

Elizabeth Donaldson married Benjamin Maddox III probably between 1796-1800 in Abbeville.

James Donaldson is unknown.

William Donaldson married Sarah (Nutty) ReevesĀ circa 1807 in Abbeville.

Thomas Donaldson Jr is unknown.

……Children with Mary Cook Donaldson

Sallie Cook Donaldson married Thornton Davis circa May/ June 1816 in Abbeville.

Reuban Donaldson married Elizabeth Rutledge on 9 November 1815 in Abbeville.

Polly Ann Donaldson married Benjamin S. Miller on 3rd September 1816 in Abbeville or Laurens.

Nimrod Donaldson married Sarah (Sallie) McCullough on 22 November 1824 in Greenville.

***Rebecca Donaldson ( an assumed daughter married ) married Robert Webb date unknown.