Turkey Creek Church Records….

My friend found the Turkey Creek Baptist Church Records (Abbeville, SC). I found the following information:

  1. Cornelius Cook was one of the original members at the church’s founding in 1785. Cornelius Cook applied for a letter of dismissal in 1808 from Turkey Creek to attend Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Laurens.
  2. Thomas Donaldson’s son, William Donaldson, was baptized at Turkey Creek in 1813. This is interesting because it shows that his family may have belonged to a different denomination prior to Thomas Donaldson Sr’s  death in 1811. They were either Presbyterian, Anglican, perhaps Methodist (from associating with Gaines family). Sons William, Reuban, Nimrod and daughter Polly Ann were known Baptists.
  3. Thomas Donaldson and Mary Cook Donaldson were not affiliated with the Turkey Creek Baptists Church according to the records. The did believe in God because they had a family Bible.