I may be onto something….

I was rereading Turkey Creek Church records last week and I stumbled upon the following…”Nov 6,1801- Cornelius Cook from Greenham Church, North Carolina, presented a letter and was received…..”.( “Turkey Creek Baptist Church, Abbeville, SC, 1785-1869”, Family Search, page 25).

This was a huge breakthrough for my research on the Cook family. It may validate what Nannie Donaldson said in her letter about Mary Cook Donaldson being from  Wilmington, or at least the Wilmington area. I haven’t found the whereabouts of Greenham Church. It may have been a meeting house or a very short lived church.

I also made a connection to someone on Ancestry whose wife is descended from Cornelius Cook of Laurens, SC circa early 1800’s. Her Cooks’ came from Sampson County, NC, which is close to Wilmington. I still have to do my own research on this new information but it is promising.