I may be onto something….

I was rereading Turkey Creek Church records last week and I stumbled upon the following…”Nov 6,1801- Cornelius Cook from Greenham Church, North Carolina, presented a letter and was received…..”.( “Turkey Creek Baptist Church, Abbeville, SC, 1785-1869”, Family Search, page 25).

This was a huge breakthrough for my research on the Cook family. It may validate what Nannie Donaldson said in her letter about Mary Cook Donaldson being from  Wilmington, or at least the Wilmington area. I haven’t found the whereabouts of Greenham Church. It may have been a meeting house or a very short lived church.

I also made a connection to someone on Ancestry whose wife is descended from Cornelius Cook of Laurens, SC circa early 1800’s. Her Cooks’ came from Sampson County, NC, which is close to Wilmington. I still have to do my own research on this new information but it is promising.

Author: samanthanifong

I have been a avid history buff since age 10. I graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in US History. I have been researching my family for 12 years. I specialize in South Carolina history and research. I do freelance genealogy work centered around South Carolina between 1750- 1880. If you have ancestors in South Carolina between 1750-1880 that you would like me to locate, please contact me. Disclaimer.....My research is based on actual evidence which I may or may not post. Any photographs or documentation that I use is my intellectual property unless otherwise noted and may not be used or borrowed without my expressed written consent.

3 thoughts on “I may be onto something….”

  1. I have a history of the Cook’s in Laurens County SC written by J Ross Cook in 1967. I never met this man but we do have some of the same ancestors.
    In his history he states that a James Cook came to Laurens County in 1786 and settled on North Creek about 4 miles from the Laurens Courthouse.
    Next came Thomas Cook in 1792 settling on the Reedy River.
    In 1805 a Cornelius Cook came and settled on Beaverdam Creek.
    He has found no record of where these men came from or any ancestors they might have.
    He then states that a Abraham Cook came to Laurens County in 1820 and settled on Duncan’s Creek. He does have one recorded son, George Washington Cook B-1792 D-1845. According to another of George’s sons named William, their father moved to Illinois. George W is buried at Warrior Creek Church Cemetery SC. George married Mary W “Polly” Garrett in 1819 and one of their children was Abraham Cook B-1838 D-1914. Abraham’s second marriage was to Eliza J Glenn B-1844 D-1920 Lauren County. A son John Breckinridge Cook B-1875 D-1963 came from this union.
    John Breckinridge Cook 1875-1963 is my paternal Grandfather
    Abraham Cook 1838-1914 is my paternal Great-Grandfather
    George Washington Cook 1792-1845 is my paternal Great Great Grandfather
    J Ross Cook adds that he believes James could be the father of the Abraham Cook that came to Laurens County in 1820.
    I have found nothing on James or this Abraham. I have found another Abraham Cook 1669-1749 in New Kent VA

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    1. I just saw this post a year later. Forgive me for not checking sooner. I am have been researching James Cook (died 1816) in Laurens SC and his brother John who was killed at Hayes Station in 1781. They are listed together as losing horses during the battle of Hayes Station. They were sons of Clayton Cook and Henrietta Henderson. James Cook had a son named Clayton. James Cook and John are descended from Abraham Cook in New Kent Va (great grandfather). I have inkling that my ancestress Mary Cook Donaldson and her brother Cornelius were sons of John Cook ( killed at Hayes station) .Cornelius was living near Daniel Cook (James Cook’s son) in 1820 in Laurens. I need to check out the Thomas Cook in 1792 as well. My email is spnifong@hotmail.com if you want to communicate further.


    2. James Cook married Ursula Mitchell is 1772. He served in the Little River Militia along with John Cook during the Revolution. James Cook received land from George Anderson in 1786 on North Creek I think. Cornelius Cook witnesses a land deed in Laurens in 1798. James Cook did not have a son named Abraham. His sons were Daniel, Tobias, Clayton, William, John, Mitchell.


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