Wrong wife with the wrong Cook….

After many days of total frustration and trying to force pieces of this genealogical puzzle to fit, I made a crucial discovery. I think Nancy Kinman, who I thought was married to Cornelius Cook Jr, was actually married to Cornelius Cook Sr. Reasons I believe this….

  1. Thomas Cook- He was living near Cornelius Cook Sr in Laurens in 1830. The census taker has his middle initial as a “R”. Jump forward to the 1850 census in Calhoun Co, Alabama; there is a Thomas K. Cook with a son name Cornelius Cook. I believe the middle initial “K” stands for Kinman. I believe that Thomas K Cook was the eldest child of Cornelius Cook and Nancy Kinman. Most eldest children back then were given the mother’s maiden name as a middle name. I have seen this several times in my research of different families.
  2. Nancy Kinman’s father died in 1816. James Kinman, the father, left Cornelius Cook Sr.and his heirs money.
  3. In William Rutledge’s will of 1816, he left Cornelius Cook Jr $100 dollars, in trust to his father Cornelius Cook Sr, for his education. Cornelius Cook Jr was a minor and therefore could not have been married to Nancy Kinman.
  4. I have found references that Rachel Kinman, Nancy’s sister, was born in mid 1770’s. I am guessing that Nancy was born around the same time. I believe that Cornelius Cook was born between 1760-1770, so his age would be close to Nancy Kinman’s age.

Until next time….