Hello Mrs Cornelius Cook Jr….

I finally found the name of Cornelius Cook Jr’s wife after 2 years of searching. Her name was Belinda Ellison Cook, daughter of Joel Ellison.

On Cornelius Cook Jr’s estate record in 1838, there was a Lindy Cook. I had no idea if Lindy was a male or female until I looked at what Lindy bought out of the estate. Lindy bought “1 loom and harness, 1 chest of drawers, 1 table, 1 lot tea ware, 1 feather bed and furniture, 3 quilts and pillow, 1 lot bed clothing, 1 umbrella and 1 lot of cabbages.”  I thought it was pretty safe to say that Lindy was a female.

I was looking a Joel Ellison (of Laurens) estate record (Nov 1838)  and found the following…” John R. Ellison who is also guardian of David Ellison and Belinda Cook being absent” and “add amt of Cornelius Cook’s note”. Cornelius Cook Jr a few weeks earlier in Oct 1838.

Another clue that points to Belinda Ellison being the wife of Cornelius Cook Jr is the fact that there is a James Ellison listed under Lindy Cook’s name in Cornelius Cook Jr’s estate record. I think James was a brother to Belinda.

The bottom line is that the estate records of your ancestor’s neighbors, as well as the ancestor himself/herself, offer valuable insights. Don’t overlook them!