Where is Greenham Church?

In 1801, Cornelius Cook  joined Turkey Creek Baptist Church by letter from Greenham Church, North Carolina (bottom right corner of the Turkey Creek Church Record). I have looked high and low for a Greenham Church in North Carolina in the late 1700’s and I have found no such Greenham Church.record-image_3Q9M-CS4N-DQJ5-5

I think if I could find Greenham Church, I could pinpoint where Cornelius Cook and his relative, Mary Cook (Donaldson) were from. I thought Cornelius Cook was the son of John Cook who was killed at Hayes Station in 1781, but now I am skeptical.

I have narrowed down the time period of Cornelius’s and Mary’s arrival to the Laurens/ Abbeville Co area between 1790 and 1792. Mary was married to Thomas Donaldson by March 1793 because her first child was born December 1793. Cornelius Cook is also not on the census in Laurens or Abbeville in 1790. Cornelius Cook’s earliest record in Laurens is when he witnessed a land transaction in December 1794 between Benjamin Magee and Thomas Williamson. (Thomas Williamson was married to the sister of Cornelius Cook’s wife.)

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Greenham Church in North Carolina in the late 1700’s, please let me know.