Is the “Greenham Church” mystery solved?

I decided to email a genealogist in North Carolina named Diane L Richard about the “Greenham Church” brick wall.¬† She promptly responded and said there was no such Greenham Church in North Carolina. She said it could have been a transcription error in the record and the transcriber meant “Greensboro” instead of “Greenham”.

I told that there is a Grenham Road in Greensboro. She said that Greenham church may not have been an actual church but a location. I honestly think that Greenham Church could be a meeting house since meeting houses were prevalent in the early 1800’s.

One step closer to finding Cornelius Cook’s and Mary Cook’s parents hopefully…….

Stuck in my research….

I had a temporary setback this week when one of the people I was working with stopped working in the genealogy room at the library¬† this week. I tried emailing this person, but received no response back. Today I spoke to someone else in the genealogy room and maybe she will help me. I am trying to find information on the Cook family at Mt Bethel UMC since “Cooks” are listing on the historical marker as one of the early families who worshiped there.

I also found out that Cornelius Cook remained at his same location on the Saluda River from 1795- 1838. His neighbor Randolph Murff bought land in 1822 that was originally granted to Joseph Waldrop. Cornelius Cook and Dickerson Waldrop (Joseph’s son) were witnesses to a land transaction between Thomas Williamson and Benjamin Magee in 1794.