The Story of Places

43950720_10156795834849846_4412206154990485504_oThis isn’t a genealogy post but rather a story of places.

I like to travel to different and interesting places. Sometimes my trips are planned and sometimes they are spur of the moment. I like “off the beaten path”¬† places and not “let’s go here because everyone else goes here” places.

My wanderlust began as a young child. My parents used to take my sister and I to the Isle of Palms, located near Charleston, South Carolina, every summer. My parents rented a beach house or condo with easy access to the beach.

During our stay at the beach, we would go to the now defunct Trawler Restaurant on Shem Creek. I was convinced that there was a witch that live upstairs in the fake lighthouse that was attached to the building. There was a treasure chest of lollipops at the exit and a cool gift shop there also. I used to think a troll lived under the drawbridge at Shem Creek also, you know, like in “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”.

When I was in college I went to New York City and London. I thought they were interesting places….”a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there” kinds of places.¬†After I got married, I started going to Myrtle Beach. I really don’t care for Myrtle Beach. It is too touristy and frankly just not very interesting. I went to Savannah which is also very touristy but is very interesting. Savannah has history and an artsy, bohemian feel too it (must be the SCAD influence).

This Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends I was tired of camping in Myrtle Beach and longed for somewhere else to spend time. My husband and I decided to go to Beaufort, St Helena Island, Port Royal, and Tybee Island. We didn’t spend a lot of time in Beaufort, except for going to a dangerous place called “The Chocolate Tree”. St. Helena was a quaint little place with lots of marshes and pluff mud. St.Helena is home to the Shrimp Shack Restaurant and the Chapel of Ease Ruins. No tacky tourist shops or hotels on St. Helena which was nice to see. Tybee Island is a tourist destination but it is more artsy and eclectic than Myrtle Beach. It is also little more upscale that Myrtle Beach. My dad and mom honeymooned in Tybee Island and the other Georgia Sea Islands in 1962.

I would like to go back to Tybee Island and eventually visit the other Sea Islands and learn more about their stories. I also owe a overdue visit to the Isle of Palms.