Who is Daniel Cook…..

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Who is Daniel Cook?

The first time we meet Daniel Cook is in 1795 when he is a witness on Samuel Findley’s will. That says to me that he is living in the vicinity of Pendleton District, SC where Findley’s will was executed.

In  September 1808, Daniel Cook is living next to Cornelius Cook on the Saluda River  according to a land deed where Benjamin Maddox sold 100 acres to Cornelius Cook.

In the 1810 census of Laurens County, Daniel Cook is between 26-44 years of age with a wife and 10 children. The oldest child could be at least 25 year old which means earliest birth year could be 1785 or 1786. This would make Daniel closer to 43-44 years of age. This makes Daniel a contemporary to Cornelius Cook and Mary Cook Donaldson, who were both born between 1770-1775.

In April 1814, Daniel Cook bought a bay horse from the estate of Benjamin Johnson. Benjamin Johnson was a buyer on the estate of Thomas Donaldson in 1811.

By 1820, Daniel Cook  either died along his wife and 10 children or he moved on to some other location. He is no other records in Laurens County after 1820. I think he may have moved somewhere where the grass was a little bit greener.

All this evidence put together makes me think that Daniel Cook was related to Cornelius Cook and Mary Donaldson Cook. The million dollar question is how?

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