What I have been working on for June 2019….

This is a land deed for 272 acres from Armistead Oakley to Cornelius Cook in Laurens District in 1805. Cornelius neighbors are as follows: John Watkins-northeast, William Dennington and James Rosemond- northeast, Samuel Nabors- southwest, and William Maddox- southeast.

I am particularly interested in John Watkins because there was Cornelius Cook in Sampson Co, NC in 1786 who had a sister, Ann Cook Watkins (Estate Record of James Cook, Sampson Co, NC, 1786). Ann Cook Watkins was married to William Watkins. I think this particular William Watkins moved to Pendleton District in 1797. William Watkins had a brother named John, which could be the same John mentioned in the deed. I do have a theory that the Cornelius Cook of Laurens and Mary Cook Donaldson of Abbeville could be the children of Cornelius Cook mentioned in James Cook’s estate record in 1786 but I have yet to prove it.