Revisiting Greenham Church…..

In my recent research, I stumbled upon something of interest. I found a man named Green Hill who was a Methodist Minister. Green Hill hosted Methodist preachers at his home in Louisburg, NC from 1785- 1794. He moved to Tennessee in 1796. Maybe instead of “Greenham Church”, it was “Green Hill Church” that Cornelius came from before going to Turkey Creek Baptist Church in 1801.

Also, Cornelius Cook purchased the books “Westley Sermons” and “Simpson’s Plea”  from Reverend Zechariah Arnold’s estate in 1827 in Laurens, SC. Both books were affiliated with the Methodist Church and Methodist teachings. I am still researching this in hopes it will help me the birth location of Cornelius Cook and Mary Cook Donaldson, and also help me to find their parents.

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