Quarantine Day 19….

Today was a good day. I took Ladybug for a walk down the street. She doesn’t like to walk far. My crazy cat, Cola, found the brown snake he had yesterday. We brought him in the house to save the snake and he was mad.

I did some research on Thomas Donaldson in Rutherford Co, NC. I found out that soldiers in the Revolutionary War could move between unit. In this case, Thomas enlisted in the 5th South Carolina Regiment on April 2, 1776 and then enlisted in the Tryon County Militia in October, 1777 for 30 days. Most tours lasted 60 to 90 days. I am not sure if he saw much fighting because 4 of his children were born during the Revolutionary War.

I also found a John Cook and James Cook in the Rutherford County Militia so I  will have see if they tie into my Cook ancestral line.


Author: samanthanifong

I have been a avid history buff since age 10. I graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in US History. I have been researching my family for 12 years. I specialize in South Carolina history and research. I do freelance genealogy work centered around South Carolina between 1750- 1880. If you have ancestors in South Carolina between 1750-1880 that you would like me to locate, please contact me. Disclaimer.....My research is based on actual evidence which I may or may not post. Any photographs or documentation that I use is my intellectual property unless otherwise noted and may not be used or borrowed without my expressed written consent.

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