I can add transcriber to my resume…

Armistead Oakley vs Cornelius Cook Deed 8th of March 1805

Congratulations to me! I transcribed 2 lands, both from Armistead Oakley to Cornelius Cook in 1804 and 1805. It was a challenge because the old handwriting was really hard to read. I had to contact my friend in the Laurens County Register of Deeds office to ask her about a few words.

It is good to transcribe deeds and other land documents word for word for several reasons. First, some deeds list waterways like the Saluda River, Reedy River, etc. Secondly, land deeds lists districts or counties and states where land is located. Thirdly, land deeds list neighbors that land bounds on. By looking at the land deeds from Armistead Oakley to Cornelius Cook, I was able to mentally move Cornelius to another location close to where I thought he lived within Laurens District.

If you have old documents that you help transcribing, please email me and I will transcribe document  for you. I am only transcribing land deeds for the time being. I charge $20 for each transcription.

Have a great day! Happy ancestor hunting!