Cornelius Cook Senior’s Heirs

Someone on the “South Carolina Genealogy” Facebook group recommended that I look on the Family Search Catalog for “Edmond Ware vs the Donaldson Children:Division of Mary Donaldson’s Estate” record. I failed to find to find that particular record in the Abbeville Court Records. I decided to hop on over to the Laurens County Records on the Family Search Catalog and I found the following petition of Malinda Cook in the Laurens County Real Estate 1828-1868, Page 80-82.

Malinda Cook was the wife of Cornelius Cook Jr. Cornelius Cook Junior. was the youngest son of Cornelius Cook Senior and Nancy Kinman Cook. Cornelius Cook Junior died in October 1838, the same month as his father. Cornelius Cook Junior and his wife, Malinda, had a daughter named Lucinda. Lucinda was a minor at the time of her father’s death.

Malinda Cook’s petition to the Court of Ordinary was that the 40 acres of her husband’s land be sold or divided to pay debts. Melinda Cook also petitioned for a part of Cornelius Cook Senior’s 200 acres on behalf of her daughter, Lucinda Cook. Cornelius Cook Senior died intestate and the land had to be divided among his heirs, John C Williamson and Rachel his wife, Elias Howell and Mary his wife, William Cook and Thomas K. Cook and Cornelius Cook Junior. Since Cornelius Cook Junior was deceased, Malinda Cook petitioned the court that their daughter, Lucinda, get a distributive share of the land and that the land be sold.

The heirs of Cornelius Cook Senior were summoned to appear at the Court of the Ordinary at the Laurens Court House on May 10, 1839. The heirs were listed as John C Williamson and Rachel his wife, Elias Howell and Mary his wife, James Bolton and Nancy his wife, Henry Gaines and Isabella his wife, William Cook, Thomas K. Cook, John Cook and James Cook and the legal representive for Cornelius Cook Junior, deceased.

William Cook, James C. Williamson and James Bolton all consented for Cornelius Cook’s land to be sold. Regular notice was given to the heirs who lived out of state.

This Court of Ordinary record was very helpful to me in many ways. First, it revealed that Cornelius Cook Junior had a daughter named Lucinda because there were no children named in his estate record. Second, the fact that 2 of his daughters were married into the Williamson and Gaines families show the alliance between the Cook- Williamson- Gaines families. Many other records in Laurens show the relationships between those 3 families.

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