Quarantine Day 22…..

Today was a great day.  It was warm and sunny outside. I took Ladybug for a walk.

I researched Thomas Donaldson’s military record in Rutherford County, NC a little. I will have to dive into Fold 3 for for more military information when I get the chance.

I received the 1786 deed between from Thomas Donaldson to John Harris in the mail today from the Rutherford County, NC, Register of Deeds. The deed says “Thomas Donnelson of Abel County &County of South Carolina..”. It is pretty safe to say that “Abel” is Abbeville. This deed is proof that Thomas Donaldson, my 4th great grandfather, owned land from 1782-1786 in Rutherford County, NC.

I am curious about the spelling of  “Donnelson” because military records and estate records state the spelling as “Donaldson”. I am not sure if the deed recorder spelled it phonetically or if Thomas Donaldson changed the spelling when he moved to Abbeville, South Carolina, in 1786. That is something else I have to look into.



I will probably have to transcribe this deed because it is difficult to read. Pardon the destination magnets. I had to flatten it out to get a good picture of it.

That is all I have for today. Until tomorrow!

What I have been working on for June 2019….

This is a land deed for 272 acres from Armistead Oakley to Cornelius Cook in Laurens District in 1805. Cornelius neighbors are as follows: John Watkins-northeast, William Dennington and James Rosemond- northeast, Samuel Nabors- southwest, and William Maddox- southeast.

I am particularly interested in John Watkins because there was Cornelius Cook in Sampson Co, NC in 1786 who had a sister, Ann Cook Watkins (Estate Record of James Cook, Sampson Co, NC, 1786). Ann Cook Watkins was married to William Watkins. I think this particular William Watkins moved to Pendleton District in 1797. William Watkins had a brother named John, which could be the same John mentioned in the deed. I do have a theory that the Cornelius Cook of Laurens and Mary Cook Donaldson of Abbeville could be the children of Cornelius Cook mentioned in James Cook’s estate record in 1786 but I have yet to prove it.