Quarantine Day 17…..

I can’t believe I have been quarantining myself for others safety for 17 days. It feels like FOREVER!!! I am looking forward to the day where I can be free again to do mundane things like go to the grocery store without wondering “Is this where I am going to get Covid 19?”

Today was a very good day. I had a bible study with a friend via phone. That was interesting and got a lot out of it. I found a relaxing beach scene on Youtube and put it on my TV. It  felt like I was on the beach but without the sunburn.

I am a member of the Fork Shoals Historical Society and they acquired a house called Cedarhurst in December 2019. The house was built in 1812 for Joseph McCullough. Joseph McCullough was my 4th great uncle. The FSHS is working with a preservationist to restore the house to what it looked like in 1812. I am in charge of the Instagram page called “SavingCedarhurst”. We have 33 followers on our page and looking for more. I commented on other historic preservation Instagram pages today as a way to market the “SavingCedarhurst” page.

I didn’t have time to do much research today but I will hopefully get some done tomorrow.



Quarantine Day 16….

Today was a hard day. I was really irritable today. I am so ready for this Coronavirus to go away. I wish it would peak already.

I tried to find historical records for Thomas Donaldson in Rutherford Co, NC on Family Search today but had no luck. I then moved on the SC Department of Archives and History website online record search. I found a land deed for John Hall in the index. One of people listed on the estate record was a Mrs. Donaldson. The land deed was dated 1803. I am thinking “Mrs. Donaldson” is William Donaldson’s (Thomas Donaldson’s brother) wife. I filled out a online research request to order the land deed. I am sort of hoping they will email me the deed because less germs will be spread that way. We will see.

Here’s hoping that April is better month than May!


***Update….I know who Mrs. Donaldson is! It is Jenny Donaldson, widow of Matthew Donaldson. I can’t find any evidence that ties Matthew Donaldson to Thomas Donaldson. I am grateful that particular mystery is solved.

Quarantine Day 15

Today was okay. I got very little research done on Thomas Donaldson because I was working on another project. I did try to locate counties on maps of Virginia and Maryland to ascertain where Thomas Donaldson might have possibly lived before coming to South Carolina.

I have a Revolutionary War Pension Application for Thomas Donaldson’s brother William. It says William was born in 1762 in Hillsboro, NC. If William Donaldson was born in Hillsboro, NC in 1762, then the older brother Thomas lived in Hillsboro also. More than likely the brothers came down from Pennsylvania, Virginia or Maryland. I need to find concrete evidence though.

In other news, Governor McMaster finally closed the public accesses to beaches, lakes, and rivers. He should have done that 2 weeks ago when schools shut down. The longer we stay at home collectively, the faster the Coronavirus will go away.



Quarantine Day 14…..

Today was a really good day. We had church service online. Then I had a prayer time with the sisters in my family group at 12:30 via Zoom.  At 4 pm, I had bible discussion with family group on Zoom. I love my church family. I took my dog, Ladybug, for a walk.

My son, the extrovert, is getting restless from being in the house. Wiley can’t go to school, can’t see his friends and can’t go to the park. Dennis takes him on long walks to get energy out of him.

I am hoping and praying the Coronavirus goes away by May at least. It is not good for people mentally to stay cooped up in their houses for long periods of time. My family has a history of mental illness so it isn’t good for me to stay in the house all the time. I am making myself either sit outside for an hour or walk the dog.

I have been listening to Cat Stevens (Yusef Islam) lately. My mom had his record growing up so his songs are very calming to me.  I also found a Youtube channel with beach sounds on it and calming ocean views. That helps my mood as well.



Quarantine Day 13

Today was a good day. Dennis and I went to the Walmart Neighborhood Market and got food today. There was actually food in the store today but not a lot of paper products.

It was a beautiful and hot day outside. I walked the dog. I sat outside for a while and soaked up the sun.

I did some research on the Thomas Donaldson from Maryland (death in 1743) but didn’t find anything new. I am still looking though.



Quarantine Day 12….

Today was pretty good. It was beautiful today.

I decided to take a break from researching my Cook ancestors and refocused on the Donaldsons, specifically the Donaldsons in Maryland.

I found a Thomas Donaldson in Anne Arundel, Maryland. He died in 1743. I think he was the same Thomas Donaldson who was indentured to Richard Cheney in 1716. According to his estate record, Thomas had sons, Thomas and John, and daughter, Mary. I will be researching this more tonight and tomorrow.


Day 11 of Quarantine….

Today was an okay day. My husband’s hours got cut and his pay got cut at his job. He repairs coffee machines and sell coffee to offices. I wish this Covid 19 garbage would just go away so everyone could get back to normal routines. I really would like to have a nice summer, wouldn’t you?

My son’s teacher, Ms. Bollard, had a Google Hangout time with her students by video call. Wiley enjoyed seeing his friends. I video called one of my friends today. It was nice talking to her and seeing her face.

I discovered that I can read articles on the “Post and Courier” news website (Charleston SC) for free during quarantine. I always have enjoyed reading the ‘Post and Courier”. I miss living in Charleston sometimes.

I didn’t look at any estate records today for Cornelius Cook’s and Mary Cook Donaldson’s parents. I did come to the realization that there are 6 houses that are connected to my maternal ancestors that are still standing in South Carolina. I might do a historic house blog in the future.

I really like writing my blog posts. I am kicking around the idea of writing a short story but I need to overcome my anxiety about it. I would love to write for a historical magazine as well if I could find my ancestors that are missing. Email me or comment below if you own a magazine that is looking for freelance writers. My work speaks for itself.