Quarantine Day 25…

* I am going to write every 2- 3 days now in order to have longer posts.”

I made a few exciting discoveries yesterday on the Fold 3 military record website. I started looking at the War of 1812 records. I found Thomas Donelson (Donaldson) Jr, James Donelson (Donaldson), Benjamin S. Miller and William Rutledge (cousin of Elizabeth Rutledge who married Rueban Donaldson) as privates in Rueban Nash’s SC Regiment. I also found a William Cook and John Cook, who may be the sons of Cornelius Cook, in Rueban Nash’s SC Regiment. This shows the ties between the Donaldson, Miller, Rutledge and possibly Cook, families.

The only person I can find a 1812 pension for is Benjamin S Miller, made by his wife Mary (Polly) Ann Donaldson Miller, in 1860 after his death. I discovered that the “S” middle initial in Benjamin S. Miller’s name isn’t for Samuel. The “S”middle initial is for “Sweet”.  Benjamin S. Miller’s full name is Benjamin Sweet Miller. (Benjamin S. Miller, War of 1812 application, Fold3.)

This newfound discovery opens up a new door for research because the name “Sweet” is more than likely Benjamin’s mother’s maiden name. I haven’t been able to find much information on Benjamin S. Miller background in the past. Maybe this new information will help me. I am also wondering if Benjamin S. Miller is connected to the Cooks in some way because he comes around after the death of Mary Cook Donaldson in 1813. Benjamin S Miller married Mary (Polly) Ann Donaldson on 3 September 1815.

Until next time and happy ancestor hunting!