The Cemetery Visit….

This past Saturday (Feb 16), my family and I met up with my distant cousin, Jim Scott, in southern Greenville County. He showed us where my ggggrandfather, Nimrod Donaldson, was buried. We had to park on the side of the road and walk through a briar filled, wooded area.

The first thing that I immediately noticed about the family cemetery was that it is surrounded by this 4 foot high wall. There was a big gap where perhaps a tree fell through the wall. My family was able to get through the gap and into the cemetery itself. There are several graves in the cemetery including Nimrod Donaldson, Sallie McCullough Donaldson ( Nimrod’s wife), William McCullough (Sallie’s father) and Jane McCullough (Sallie’s mother). The graves were hardly legible so it was hard to tell who was who. There were other graves in there as well, mostly likely children of B.P West and Mary Ann Donaldson West. Mary Ann Donaldson was the 3rd eldest daughter of Nimrod and Sallie Donaldson. Mary Ann and her husband Benjamin Perry West probably lived behind the cemetery, according to a 1886 map of Greenville County.

Jim then took us to where Nimrod Donaldson’s mill was located on Horse Creek, less than a mile from the cemetery itself. I never realized how big Nimrod’s property was until I actually saw it. He owned 1.200 acres until he sold it to his daughter, Anna Donaldson Miller in 1880. Nimrod and Sallie lived with Anna D. Miller and her husband, David L. Miller, until their deaths in 1886 and 1883 respectively.

It was surreal actually seeing and walking on the land that my ggggrandfather, Nimrod, once owned. I definitely felt a familial connection to the land.

Cousin Jim Scott is in the process of cleaning up and restoring the cemetery in order to preserve it. There is a massive, hardwood tree that has to be cut and removed before it falls and damages the wall any further. I am looking forward to seeing the end result of his restoration efforts. 52151367_10157099845214846_6547191272065466368_n

Thomas Donaldson Bible Record

This is a record of Thomas Donaldson’s children. The first page was written in William Donaldson’s hand. The rest is written in Polly’s hand and someone else’s hand.¬† The Bible was printed in Edinburgh in 1794 and is housed at the Lexington County Museum in Lexington, South Carolina.