Ran into a brickwall….

The last 2 weeks have been very difficult for me research wise….I have hit a brick wall with the Donaldsons and Cooks. I feel like all this information is a wall¬†in front of me but I can’t glean new¬†anything from it. It is just the same information leading me in the same circles over and over again.

I have looked up most of the neighbors to both Thomas Donaldson and Cornelius Cook and run into dead ends. I did find that Ruth Crump of Abbeville/ Laurens married into the Reeves family. Thomas Donaldson’s first wife was supposedly a Janet Reeves. The Crump family was associated with both Thomas Donaldson and Cornelius Cook through estate records and land deeds with Cornelius Cook.

Last night I decided to go through the message boards for Laurens and Abbeville on Ancestry.com. I paid close to attention to all the names that I recognized from my research. I think I may have found the father of Thornton Davis but I am not totally sure. Thornton Davis was the husband of Sallie Cook Donaldson, eldest daughter of Thomas and Mary. He is also a legatee in Thomas Donaldson’s estate record. I am interested in finding out more about Thornton.

I am still waiting for Maryland Genealogical Society to email me about my Thomas Donaldson inquiry. It has been 7 weeks and patience is running thin.