Day 7 of quarantine…..

Today was a good day. I watched my church’s church service on Youtube at 10 am. At 11:00, I had prayer time with the women in my family group from church. It was encouraging. i miss seeing them in person.

I read tweets on Twitter for a few hours. I have to be careful reading Twitter because sometimes the tweets are not good for me mentally or spiritually.

I ordered a new bathing suit from Lands End. I sprayed the package down with Lysol and wore gardening gloves while opening it. You can’t be too careful with Covid 19 going around. I hope we still get to go to Sarasota in June. I need beach therapy after this time of uncertainty.

God put the scripture Psalms 46:10 on my heart today “Be still and know I am God.”

I feel hopeful that things are going to get better in the future and Covid 19 will go away.


Oh, I forgot to say that my cat fell out of the upstairs window last night when he leaned against the screen. He is ok but it scared me like crazy.